The Clean Fuel Standard

Publicly display the high quality of your fuel
The Clean Fuel Standard Jesse June 1, 2022
The APA Accreditation seal stands for The Clean Fuel Standard®. APA accredited companies have met the APA standards for fuel storage tank management, resulting in a premium product.

How we get there:


We take great pride ensuring your petroleum products are being transported and stored properly. Our technicians examine your systems to ensure everything is working correctly and is in compliance.



Our technicians use a specified fuel storage examination, diagnose any issues, and design a custom service or products plan to warrant an APA accreditation.



Once your service and products plan has been reviewed and approved, our technicians implement the plan and accredit the site upon completion.


The APA Seal of Approval

When a customer sees the APA seal, they know that the fuel they are about to purchase is of the utmost quality and integrity. The APA Seal proudly shows that the provider has aligned with The Clean Fuel Standard ©.

Stay consistent with a National Fuel Program

Members provide small samples of their fuel to our partner labs, which provide critical fuel analysis on an ongoing basis.

Your fuel data is stored in a secure, interactive online portal where you can track and trend your fuel health. Filter by time, location, and more.

Field test kits and fuel diagnostic kits help you check fuel health anywhere, anytime.