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We are the front line of clean energy. With governmental rules and regulations continually changing, it is becoming nearly impossible to remain ahead of the EPA’s potential for fines and shut-downs.

Our accreditation guarantees you surpass all EPA fuel storage requirements.

Fuel Tank Cleaning / Fuel Polishing

Maintaining clean fuel storage tanks and fuel polishing are the two most basic and important practices related to sustained petroleum quality. At Accredited Petroleum Association® we take this very seriously, which is why we are leading the industry in quality. 

Fuel Quality Testing

Our fuel quality testing facilities are among the best in the world, and our fuel quality auditing measures ensure our members are always getting the best results with every test. 

Fuel Treatment

Our fuel treatment utilizes diethylene lycol monomethyl ether, benzothiazole, thiocyanomethylthio, thiocyanate, and 9% inert ingredients to control microorganisms in fuel  oil storage tanks, fuel oil and other refined or partially refined oils.

Our treatment will also reduce tank corrosion, slime mats, odors, fuel oil filter deposits and plugging, vehicle fuel tank deposits and corrosion, fuel water separator deposits, injector plugging, excess carbon deposits and exhaust gas smoke, sludge and water. 

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing is a vital part of our annual preventative fuel tank maintenance program. Our testing will tell you if your fuel tank has a leak and how much fuel is being lost. 

As with all of our services, upon work completion we will provide the EPA and other ruling organizations your Accredited Petroleum Association® accreditation number and detailed work report. 

Marketing & Media Production

Once your company has earned the Accredited Petroleum Association® accreditation our marketing team takes over and creates custom marketing materials and commercials for you. Our team target markets to your demographic in many different ways insuring all current customers and any future customers know you are leading the clean fuel movement.