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Membership Jesse February 6, 2020
Membership is a great way to boost your bottom line! Enjoy the benefits and discounts of aligning yourself with leading industry organizations.

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Connect with industry colleagues, industry leaders, emerging organizations, influential lawmakers, and others during our many networking opportunities.


Keep informed on the latest news, stories, industry analysis, and much more! Our e-newsletter, industry alerts, and social media will help you stay fully informed.

Brand Ambassadorship

Use the power of motor sports and the influence of professional race car driver and APA Brand Ambassador Jeffrey Earnhardt to grow your sales. *Members have the opportunity to utilize the image, signature, and voice of Jeffrey Earnhardt along with his ForeverLawn race car…and much more!


APA Memberships include reduced rates at association meetings and events, discounted booth space and advertising rates, and discounted fuel storage tank cleaning / polishing. It also includes discounted fuel quality testing, and discounted tank quality management.

Access to Management

Let us be your liaison to senior management within supplier organizations. Our team is experienced and well-connected to the partners you are looking for.


Stay in the spotlight! It is our goal to be the biggest asset in your businesses growth and retention. Our marketing team puts your company in front of your customers.

*Subject to APA, JEI, and ForeverLawn approval.

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Brand Ambassador, Professional race car driver Jeffrey Earnhardt

Jeffrey Earnhardt is another rising star in the “Earnhardt” legacy, soon to be a NASCAR Champion. Jeffrey Earnhardt is the grandson of Seven Time NASCAR Cup Champion Dale Earnhardt and nephew to this generation’s most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jeffrey began his race career piloting a silver 4 cylinder Yugo on the dirt tracks of Wythe Raceway in Rural Retreat, Virginia. He won Rookie of the Year at the local track and knew immediately that he’d be chasing his dreams to the paved tracks of NASCAR. Jeffrey hasn’t depended on his famous last name for opportunity. Creating his own company and working his way thru the ranks like his grandfather did, Jeffrey has competed in Truck, Xfinity and Specialty events including the Rolex Series and NASCAR Euro Series. He is absolutely committed to “Earning Earnhardt” and has his sights set on becoming a NASCAR Champion.

APA Leadership
The Accredited Petroleum Association is comprised of a diverse team of industry specific experts. All APA certified employees, contractors, and laboratories have been individually trained, tested, and certified by the Accredited Petroleum Association.
Jesse Johnson-Brower
Founder / CEO
Larry Steckman