About Us

"Fuel is only as clean as the tank it came from." - Jesse Johnson-Brower / CEO

In early 2021 Jesse Johnson-Brower accepted a Vice President of Sales position with Optic Fuel Clean. Within weeks he realized there were three major issues in the petroleum industry.

  1. Far too many companies overlook the necessary fuel tank storage maintenance, resulting in highly contaminated fuel being sold to unknowing consumers.
  2. The majority of the fuel tank cleaning companies use a “Stinger” which is a highly ineffective method of tank cleaning.
  3. Other than the EPA no agency validates or accredits companies that practice proper fuel tank maintenance, resulting in a very high quality fuel being sold to the consumer. 

Turn Key Partnership

Members of the APA enjoy the turn key partnership experience we provide. We literally "take it from here," providing the scheduling, fuel tank inspection, fuel tank cleaning, fuel polishing, fuel treatment, fuel quality testing, petroleum consultant inspection, and ultimately issuing the coveted APA accreditation.

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