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The Clean Fuel Standard®

Welcome to the APA

 The Accredited Petroleum Association is a marketer driven association dedicated to foster and advance the petroleum industry by providing, incentivizing, and regulate an environmentally friendly clean fuel standard. 

200 PPM Fuel Test Kit - Diesel Fuel Test Kit for Water Detection

  • Used and Recommended by Race Car Driver Jeffrey Earnhardt
  • Works with Diesel and Bio-Diesel Blends
  • Fast, Easy-to-read Results
  • On Demand Lab Results if needed.
  • Easy to Follow Instructions Included
  • Easy Shipping


Why The Association?

Why The Accreditation?

Memberships Include

Welcome to the Accredited Petroleum Association®
  • Annual Brochure
  • Year-Round Networking and Trade Show Opportunities
  • Product / Services White Label and Co-Branding Opportunities with race car driver Jeffrey Earnhardt
  • Accredited Petroleum Association® Marketing Material
  • Organizational Recognition on Accredited Petroleum Association® Branded Material
  • The Clean Fuel Standard® Accreditation Based on Industry Protocol, Compliance Standards & Specs
  • Discounted System Evaluation & Discovery
  • Discounted Tank & Fuel Quality Management & Service
  • Discounted ASTM & ISO Fuel Quality Testing

Why the Accredited Petroleum Association®?

The APA was established to foster and advance the petroleum industry. Our association exists to advocate on behalf of our members interests such as sales, marketing, and networking to maximize profitability and ROI.

The APA Accreditation badge stands for The Clean Fuel Standard®. APA accredited companies have met the APA standards for fuel storage tank management, resulting in a premium product.