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Providing Consumer Trust in Clean Fuel Providers

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The APA Accreditation seal stands for The Clean Fuel Standard®. APA accredited companies have met the APA standards for fuel storage tank management, resulting in a premium product.

A fuel accreditation that truly matters.

The APA was established to foster and advance the petroleum industry. Our association exists to advocate on behalf of our members interests such as sales, marketing, and networking to maximize profitability and ROI.

  • Custom plans for ongoing high quality fuel standards
  • Trusted tank and fuel quality management programs
  • Independent lab diagnostics and analysis
  • Providing premium fuel quality from conception to consumption
See why professional race car driver Jeffrey Earnhardt backs Accredited Petroleum Association:
Stay consistent with a Global Fuel Program

Members provide small samples of their fuel to our partner labs, which provide critical fuel analysis on an ongoing basis.

Your fuel data is stored in a secure, interactive online portal where you can track and trend your fuel health. Filter by time, location, and more.

Field test kits and fuel diagnostic kits help you check fuel health anywhere, anytime.

The latest from APA and the world of fuel management