Clean Fuel.

"To Ensure Consumers Receive Top Quality Petroleum Products"

The Accredited Petroleum Association® (APA) is the first independent petroleum quality association focused on transparency for consumers. Our annual accreditation is granted to those who meet or surpass the EPA’s fuel storage recommendations and regulations.

Far surpassing the EPA's recommendations

Our APA Certified Contractors have been trained, evaluated, and certified to test and award your annual APA Member Accreditation.

Avoid Shut-Downs and EPA Fines

Our annual APA Member Accreditation ensures your fuel tanks will surpass annual EPA recommendations.

Fuel Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing

Fuel tanks and their contents are recommended to receive a quality cleaning by an APA Certified Contractor on an annual basis. Avoidance quickly leads to contaminated fuel being sold to unknowing consumers.

Fuel Treatment

Water is the number one enemy of petroleum based products. Water commonly causes bacterial growth and corrosion in fuel tanks. Our APA Certified Fuel Treatment aids in the prevention of these unwanted bacterial growths and corrosion in fuel tanks. 

The APA petroleum quality testing is the most thorough in the industry.

Become an Accredited Petroleum Association® Member

Receive the Best Quality for the Lowest Prices

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Save Up To 50%
  • Discounted Annual APA Certified Fuel Tank Cleaning
  • Discounted Annual APA Certified Fuel Polishing
  • APA Certified Petroleum Consultant
  • Discounted Annual APA Petroleum Quality Testing
  • Discounted Website Development
  • Annual APA Membership Accreditation
  • APA Marketing Material
  • APA Digital Membership Accreditation Badge
  • Organizational Recognition on APA Branded Material

Why APA?

The Accredited Petroleum Association® (APA) was established in 2021 to advocate for both the seller and consumer of petroleum based products. Our stringent petroleum quality testing provides  detailed analysis of the purity and quality of  petroleum products and fuel storage units. Members of the APA can be assured that their products and storage units surpass  EPA recommendations and regulations, avoiding legal shut-downs and fines. 

When consumers see the APA member badge, they know they are purchasing the finest quality petroleum product available.